A new tool for shaping Europe’s future...


Europe faces some of its toughest and most existential challenges since WWII. Brexit, the rise of populism, recurring refugee crises, impending trade wars…



…crisis after crisis is distracting us from the real job at hand: growth, innovation, jobs, health and the environment…


…and yet at base, we urgently require new tools for participation in the future of the European Union. More transparent, more inclusive, more creative tools.



We believe that the conversation between EU officials, NGOs, companies and various other stakeholders is currently stuck within a very limited and increasingly ineffective pattern of interactions …

Who are we?

We are a team of European citizens with experience in organizing hackathons. We want to try something else, and we believe we have the tool to make this work.

The Mission

We aim to create an event that reconfigures the relationship between these actors, forging new bonds around creative ideas and actionable solutions



For 2 full days, we want to set aside green, white or any otherwise coloured papers. We want to put on hold advisory committees, calls for tenders or ad-hoc consultations. We want to make actual progress outside of the usual workings of the EU bubble.

The Mission

We want to Hack Europe.

The Mission

We want find new ideas, launch new projects, share knowledge, and move quickly towards new solutions to Europe’s challenges.


We believe it is our right and our duty as citizens to make this happen.


We are building a small alliance of partners to kick-start this initiative.


Do join us.


Want to join us?

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